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Track and learn from your own flight data with ScoreFlight. Let us help you be a safer and better pilot today.

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How it Works


Data is recorded by hardware in your aircraft every time you fly.


After your flight the data is transmitted automatically to Cloudhesive for analysis.


Your flight score is calculated and stored securely at Cloudhesive.


The user can view their data through the app or web browser.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Use your flight score as a tool to demonstrate responsible flight habits.

  • AOPA reports insurance premiums are increasing anywhere from 5% to 50% and more as of 2020.
  • Authenticate your device with your finger print to increase your score in any aircraft you fly.
  • Strengthen your open pilot warranty by validating flight characteristics of non-named pilots for additional protection.

Your flight score will be based on the quality of your flying against other pilots in the database. Improvements to your score are tracked over time.

Increase Safety For You And Everyone Around You

Your flight score provides a metric to learn about your specific in-flight tendencies to highlight otherwise unnoticed behavior to improve upon.

  • Aircraft stability is monitored for each flight, which may include angle of attack, attitude information, airspeed, altitude, G-force, and others.
  • In-flight and ground weather data are included in the safe flight score analysis.
  • The system monitors traffic and terrain proximity during all phases of flight. Your ability to maintain safe separation from traffic and terrain will benefit your overall score.

A safe pilot is always learning. Utilizing the data collected by our software allows pilots to be proactive about the safety of their flying.

Post Incident Data

While every effort should be taken to avoid accidents, they are unavoidable. Mitigate the risk of incidents by having supporting documentation along with every flight.

  • Any time the system is powered on, the pilot will have a record of movements, GPS, and ADSB readings to record corrective action taken by the pilot.
  • All your data backs up to Cloudhesive and is available to you should you be questioned by the FAA or other regulatory agencies.
  • By harnessing large scale data and a robust cloud computing partner we are able to infer vast amounts of information from our recorded data points.

Pilots will be able to analyze their flight in detail to have comprehension of the incident and corrective measures that can be taken.

Post Flight Debriefing And Fleet Monitoring Has Never Been Easier

Data collected from the system allows fleet managers to analyze the use of their aircraft. Additionally, the data can be used for training and pilot education.

  • Companies can track their employees’ safety and monitor trends to create the opportunity for custom tailored recurrent training.
  • The system can notify the fleet manager of potential wear to aid in monitoring the long and short term health of the aircraft.
  • Instructors can review collected data with their students after the flight to provide real time feedback on specific flight maneuvers.

Increased pilot awareness during training will lead to the formation of better habits and ultimately safer pilots. The recording and uploading of the data is completely automatic using multiple methods to prevent adding pre and post flight workload to the pilot.

Founded by pilots on a mission to increase safety.

Our mission is to save lives by encouraging safe flying characteristics. We are both pilots and have a passion to promote responsible flying. We utilize a range of variables to determine the pilot’s safe flight score from the data gathered without any additional upfront effort from the pilot.

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Reduce Insurance Premiums

Aviation insurance costs are a crisis. Show your underwriter how safe you are.

Increase Safety

Our unmatched ability to analyze your fight data can show deficiencies you haven’t noticed, allowing you to correct it before it becomes a problem.

Post Incident Data

Aviation is complex and things happen. Having additional documentation to support your statements is invaluable.

Education & Fleet

Track your fleet with unparalleled precision. Not only can you use this information to detect maintenance problems before they are dangerous, you can bring this data back to the classroom to debrief better than ever before.


We are two pilots on a mission to make avaition safer every day.

Carlos Lagomarsino


Braeden Whitecotton


Frequently Asked Questions

  • The system is NORSEE Approved for type-certified aircraft, making no STC required.

  • Absolutely! Our partner Cloudhesive is a global leader in cloud computing and has an incredible background in safe storage and processing of data.

  • Yes! Our system can record in any aircraft. From a J-3 Cub to a Gulfstream 650.

  • You are in complete control of the device. The system is completely user controllable to curb fears of unnecessary oversight.

  • Your Flight Score is calculated by taking all of the data collected and transmitting it securely to our servers for analyzation. Based on the results your flight score is computed. In short, safer flying makes for a better score.

  • They system is designed to be user-friendly for all users, pilots and non-pilots.